Electrification - The future has arrived

Our Volvo Vision

By 2025 we aim to have one million electrified Volvo cars on the road where half our New cars will be fully electric.

Our Zero omissions goal means we are targeting climate-neutral manufacturing operations.

At Volvo Cars, we have worked with electrification for forty years, and now we are taking that work to its natural conclusion.


We call them our “B” engines. Lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency. Free from charging cables.

Plug-in hybrids

Otherwise known as Twin Engines. Long range. Low emissions. Pure electric driving. The best of both worlds.

Pure electric

Zero-emissions driving all day, every day. Simply charge up and go. Range for the C40 273 miles*.

Hybrid charging costs less

A mile in a petrol car can cost anywhere from 12p – 21p. Charge up your plug-in hybrid every night and you can make daily savings – particularly on short journeys like your morning commute.

Your hybrid charging cable options

Every Recharge model comes with two charge cables as standard. You can also upgrade at an additional cost for previous model years.

3-pin plug

Plug directly into regular 3-pin wall sockets. Useful if you have no home charging point installed.

Comes as standard.
Charges at 2.3kW.

Type 2 connector

The most common type of electric car charging socket, with charging stations all over the country.

Comes as standard.
Works with most 3.7kW, 7.kW and 22kW charging stations.

Your hybrid charging options

Our Twin Engine plug-in hybrids can be plugged into charging stations up to 22kW

through the Type 2 charging cable that you can purchase with it. But

their charging speed is limited to 3.7kW. Here is what this means for

your 0 – 100% charging times:

Install a wall box at your home

Although the 3-pin socket cable we supply can be plugged straight into your wall, we still recommend getting a professional to install a dedicated charging point at your home. This will give you access to safer and faster charging whenever you need it.

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Search charging points with Zap-Map

There are now more electric charging stations in the UK than there are petrol stations. Explore just how extensive the country’s charging network is with a little help from Zap-Map.

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