All-New XC40

The ingenious Volvo XC40 delivers inventive design, intuitive storage capabilities and smart technology, making the XC40 the clear winner of the European Car of the Year 2018. The expressive design compacts the features of an SUV to deliver resourceful functionality to provide maximum leisure and ease for the driver.

The XC40 comes with strong traction to support drives on a multitude of terrains, with all-wheel drive coming as standard on the new model. Powered by a robust four-cylinder turbo charged diesel engine with 190 bhp, the vehicle carries tremendous capability for both motorway driving and agile city drives.

The XC40 provides the ultimate safety functions to keep the driver and passengers safe and secure within the vehicle and avoid any collisions. With run-off road mitigation, the vehicle detects when the car is veering into another lane and takes over the steering wheel to guide the driver back into the correct lane. The pilot assist feature also automatically maintains a steady speed and distance with the car in front to ensure you remain a safe distance apart to avoid the chance of an accident. 

With a simple to use touch screen with voice control, the driver can connect their smart device and remain in touch with the outside world on every drive. The intuitive smart storage is designed around busy city life and provides door bins that can carry laptops and handbags, a foldout takeaway hook to refrain you from placing your takeaway on a seat, and a bin under the armrest to place all your car necessities.

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Bird’s-eye view The 360° Camera uses images from several cameras to create a view of the car as seen from above. You can clearly see where your car is in relation to other objects around the car.
Stay Connected Use the car locator map to find the street where you parked your car. See your fuel level and how far it will take you, when it’s time for service and what the temperature is where you parked.
Technology Every XC40 features Air Woofer Technology™ and for the ultimate experience, the Harman Kardon® Premium Sound delivers a beautifully balanced, powerful sound.