Upgrade Your Volvo Performance Now

Upgrade Your Volvo Performance

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This bespoke, engine optimisation includes, Improved Throttle Response, Faster Gear Changes, Increased Gear Precision and Improved Engine Response. All fantastic for your Volvo and you.

WAS £695



Polestar optimisation delivers a super upgrade for your Volvo with the help of powertrain software enhancements. Designed to increase your power, acceleration and transmission performance

Our optimisation is the result of careful development work within five key areas. Together they form a balanced, well proven and thoroughly tested package of driving pleasure.

·Faster throttle response - Throttle response has been calibrated to respond more quickly to driver commands - something that gives higher precision and better feel.

·Faster gear changes - The automatic gearbox changes gears more quickly to both improve acceleration and to better respond to the driver's commands e.g. downshifts before overtaking.

·Better gear precision and gear hold - The gears have also been calibrated to exploit the engine's improved midrange performance. The gearbox also avoids changes when cornering at high g-forces (where possible), for better stability.

·Faster gear and engine response - The engine and gearbox have been calibrated to respond more quickly when the driver releases the accelerator. This makes the car more balanced and predictable when cornering for example.

Increased engine performance - We have concentrated the power where it is needed most - in the midrange; perfect for overtaking or when on a busy motorway. Combined with faster throttle response and gear changes, this makes the car significantly more dynamic to drive.

For any more information contact Service or Parts on 01743 817 617 or email parts@volvoshrewsbury.co.uk

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