All-New EX30 Electric SUV

For every version of you.

This very sprightly crossover SUV delivers you...

0-60 MPH in 3.4 Seconds to 5.4 Secondsdepending on which model variant suits you.

There's more space than you might think too!

We have an EX30 due in our showroom this week, so give us a call 01743 817 617 or look out in our Facebook and Instagram pages for when this exciting latest addition to our Volvo Range arrives...

Certainly well worth a look...

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Customise your Drive Life needs less swiping and scrolling, so we equipped the EX30 with a customisable driver interface for more fuss-free control. Look for the most-used controls at the bottom of your centre display. These aren't standard shortcuts, though. Controls only appear when the feature is available. Want that tailgate up? You'll have to wait until your speed is low enough for it to function
Convenience means Comfort Load and unload whatever you’re hauling easily in the EX30’s wide 318L boot. It has a flat floor, no lip, you can lower it for extra convenience too. There’s also a hidden compartment under the load floor and the bonnet. Fold down some or all the backrests to increase cargo capacity. A central multi-storage gives everyone space on the floor. Pop down your bags and takeaways without worrying about spills, more space is slotted underneath it for even smaller items
Fast Charging, Reminders and Station Finder Charge your EX30 from 10 to 80 per cent in 26.5 minutes at fast public charging stations. A Volvo Cars wallbox makes rapid charging at home faster, too. A 20 per cent charge automatically triggers a charging reminder, your car will list nearby charging stations on Google Maps. Then enjoy turn-by-turn navigation plus an estimated time of arrival and expected charge level on arrival